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Consciousness refers to the state of being aware of what's happening in our surroundings. Our consciousness allows us to perceive, understand and respond to our surroundings. The mind perceives the stream of conscious and unconscious activity, which influences our ability to think, feel and choose. By learning how to manage our mind, we can control how we think, feel, and make choices. For example, we can reduce or eliminate feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, stress, and sadness from our lives by focusing our minds on happiness and relaxation. Essentially, the conscious mind is a powerful tool that can be used to bring balance into our lives.

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What Is Spiritual Health & Wellness?

Spiritual wellness can be described as increasing your life’s purpose and finding meaning. It involves taking personal time to yourself to reflect or meditate. Various factors are responsible for shaping our definition of spirituality. These factors include our values, ethics, principles, religion, morals, and beliefs. Therefore, people can achieve spiritual wellness in various ways. For example, some people take long walks in nature, and others prefer organized religion, which involves appealing to a higher power, and some build personal relationships to grow their spirituality. Regardless of how we attain spirituality, spiritual wellness aims to achieve inner peace, enabling us to withstand and persevere through whatever life brings.

Likewise, spiritual health refers to the state of being at peace, even when battling severe illnesses. These can be chronic illnesses such as cancer or mental conditions such as depression and anxiety. By exploring essential issues involving our mortality, such as birth, life, and death, we can better understand our life’s purpose and come to the point of acceptance. Although spiritual health might not cure your illness, it helps you cope with its associated difficulties. For most people, spiritual health is a tool through which they can achieve balance in their lives by assisting them in managing their physical health. Essentially, we can say that spiritual wellness is a prerequisite to spiritual health.

Why Is Spiritual Wellness So Important?

Spiritual wellness has numerous advantages in our lives. Foremost, spiritual wellness helps us deal with the trauma of receiving a poor medical diagnosis and the consequent medical treatments. In practicing spiritual wellness, we can achieve spiritual health, which helps us manage our physical health. Moreover, spiritual wellness gives our lives purpose. When we have a life purpose, we become driven and motivated, leading us to work harder. As a result, spiritual wellness can make us attain prosperity by providing us with a purpose for living.
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Spiritual wellness enhances the quality of our lives. By eliminating stress and anxiety and preaching forgiveness, spiritual wellness enables us to appreciate what we have, leading to feelings of contentment and peace, which enhance our life quality. Additionally, spiritual wellness teaches us that life is not just about us. It reiterates the value of caring for others, encouraging us to build close relationships with those around us.

What Are the Spiritual Values?

Spiritual values are integral in guiding humans toward spiritual wellness and health. These values help us build relationships with others and a religious deity. Additionally, these values aid in transcending the physical plane into the spiritual plane, where we can acquire the highest level of personal fulfillment. Spiritual values are unchanging and have an immeasurable impact on our lives, making them vital to pursue. The principal spiritual values are listed as follows:

  1. Finding Meaning

    Spiritual wellness enables us to find purpose and meaning in our lives. In the search for our lives meaning, we become better individuals. Finding meaning is not just about the end goal of providing us with a sense of purpose; it is mostly about the journey and how we become better through our interactions with others.

  2. Love

    It means holding deep affection for someone or something. In our lives, love for our families and friends guides us toward building close relationships with them. Likewise, love for ourselves takes us on a journey of self-acceptance and achieving inner peace.

  3. Self-awareness

    This type of awareness means acknowledging your faults and strengths, which build the basis of spiritual growth. Spiritual awareness requires us to partake in self-reflection. Through self-reflection, we can change the undesirable aspects of our lives, thus achieving inner peace and improving the quality of our life.

  4. Hope

    This is a spiritual value based mainly on religious aspects of spirituality. Hope means constantly maintaining a positive outlook no matter what hardships we face. With hope, we can overcome and cope with life’s challenges, such as illnesses. Moreover, hope guides us toward acceptance of the inevitabilities of life, such as death. For the devoutly religious, hope is the belief that they will transcend into the supernatural realm after death.

  5. Inner Peace

    It describes the state of calm that we possess, both mentally and spiritually, regardless of the existing stressors in our lives. We achieve inner peace by acquiring adequate knowledge and understanding of who we are as people and what our purpose is in life. In doing this, we learn how to remain calm in the face of potential stressors.

  6. Integrity

    Integrity encourages people to be honest about their feelings and discern between what is wrong and right. In spiritual wellness, integrity eliminates indecisiveness in our actions and thoughts while encouraging us to be honest about our human nature, which is we aren’t always honest. When we adopt integrity, we can live authentic lives, free from the chaos and drama of humanity.

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How To Practice Spiritual Wellness

To attain the highest level of spiritual wellness and health, there are simple methods that we can take. Depending on your personal preference, religious beliefs, and moral values, there are several ways to achieve spiritual wellness. These include:

  1. Self Reflection

    This practice involves looking deep within ourselves to discover what makes us unique, our strengths, and limitations. By acknowledging our imperfections, we can start the journey toward creating our better selves.

  2. Meditation

    This is a practice we can use to train and quieten our mind to be aware of our surroundings and the present. Knowing how to meditate involves breathing exercises combined with silence to slow down the mind leading to a calm, clear, and stable mental state.

  3. Journelling

    Writing down your thoughts can give you more time to process your feelings and enhance your awareness of the situation. Most importantly, a benefit of journaling frequently lets you express your emotions freely in a relaxed environment.

  4. Giving Back To The Community

    Giving back to the community is a great way to reconnect with your humanity. When you help others, you express love and gain feelings of self-satisfaction, which boost your spiritual health.

  5. Taking Nature Walks

    The outdoors provide perfect distraction from technology and other life stressors. In nature, when walking daily you get to appreciate the environment and have some alone time that you can use to meditate, self-reflect, and journal.

  6. Praying or taking part in organized religion

    People in organized religion share the same beliefs and thoughts about spirituality. By involving yourself in organized religion, you get to bond and share experiences with like-minded individuals, which provides stability in your life, essentially improving the quality of your life.

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