What are limiting beliefs and how to overcome them

Limiting beliefs are negative state of mind set that restricts us from achieving our dreams and reaching our destinies. They can come in various forms, such as fear of failure, low self-esteem, negative self-talk, and self-doubt. Limiting beliefs can result from negative messages you make about yourself, cultural and societal expectations, or past experiences.

Limiting beliefs limts our potential for success and contributes to failures. They can prevent us from exploring new ideas, pursuing your dreams, or prevent us from taking risks. Moreover, they hold us from reaching our destiny and achieving the success and happiness we all yearn for.

What Are Limiting Beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are the negative thoughts a person makes about themselves and the world that prevent them from achieving their dreams. The beliefs could be from external factors such as past experiences and cultural and societal factors.

Limiting beliefs negatively impacts our lives as they block us from taking risks that could lead us to great people. Also, they result in feelings of self-doubt and low self-esteem. Since limiting is a destiny blocker, it is important to realize these beliefs and take steps to conquer them to achieve our potential goals.

What Causes Limiting Beliefs?

Several factors can cause limiting beliefs. They include past experiences, social-cultural and societal factors, and negative taught patterns.

Past experiences. Negative past experiences can shape how we view ourselves and the world. For instance, if you are black and have experienced racial discrimination from a white, you develop a belief that you cannot make your presentation or respond to a discussion post from a white student.

Social-cultural factors are beliefs that are influenced by our behavior and society. For example, if society and culture have a strong idea that women cannot be leaders, it can prevent you from achieving your dream as a leader.

Negative thoughts occur when we continuously focus on negative reviews. It is difficult to make positive steps in life due to the fear and belief generated.

5 Common Limiting Beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are temporary negative thoughts we make to ourselves about a situation. It could be as a result of bad past experiences, cultural belief or social norms. These beliefs always prevent us from making a step in our lives which could result to future regrets. It is important to understand these common beliefs, find solutions, and action to overcome so as to avoid future life impacts. The following are five common limiting beliefs that prevent a person from achieving set goals.

  1. “I am too young or old.”

    I am too young to be a manager. This belief alone could hold you back from being crowned a manager despite having the potential and skills.

  2. “I am not capable of adopting online classes.”

    This belief alone could prevent you from graduating with colleagues, especially when a change to e-learning is set to achieve a learning time frame.

  3. “I am not worthy of love.”

    The belief could hold you back by putting low self-esteem to yourself and preventing you from being crowned a queen.

  4. “I can’t achieve my set goals.”

    This belief could lead to low self-esteem and loss of confidence in one’s abilities.

  5. “I am not good enough at making meals for visitors.”

    This belief could lead to low self-esteem and loss of confidence in one’s abilities.

How To Crush Limiting Beliefs

Although we believe limiting beliefs could cause harm or embarrassing situations if practiced, it is also necessary to develop actions to overcome them. Limiting beliefs block us from achieving our goals; thus, it should be highly discouraged. Making a step to make small achievements would eliminate fleeting thoughts. There are several ways of crushing the limiting beliefs.

  1. Know your limiting beliefs

    The first step is to know what this limiting belief is holding you. Spare time to reflect and see how the limiting belief is restricting you from reaching your full potential.

  2. Challenge the belief

    After identifying the belief, ask yourself if the idea is true, how it became a belief, and find ways to prove it wrong, such as trying the opposite of the view.

  3. Seek help

    Discuss with trusted friends, family members, or a professional your experiences and how your belief. They can give a way that will shed light on your life.

  4. Have self-compassion

    Be kind to yourself to remember that everyone makes mistakes from past experiences and can change in the future if you put in more effort.

  5. Set small goals that are achievable and smart

    The goals would give you confidence and strength to start. Achieving the plans would prove the belief wrong and provide a chance to try again.

  6. Take action

    Do not respect the limiting belief you built, but take even a small action as it would create a new experience.

  7. Make friends with positive people

    Living in a positive environment would prevent you from making negative thoughts about yourself.

  8. Practice gratitude

    Practicing activities that bring you joy could give little attention to the limiting beliefs you developed in the past.

  9. Learn from others

    Moving out of their comfort zones to socialize and share ideas with friends helps them know how their beliefs once limited them and how they conquered them.

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