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Is Your Food Lacking Excitement and Personality?

Food is at the heart of hospitality and, a good way to keep your customers coming back over and over again for extra helpings is to cook food that can speak to their heart and soul. Every dish and every recipe should carry its own signature – signature taste, signature look, signature flavors and signature experiences. If your dishes lack this important essence, then there is a character flaw in your food. We understand the importance of good food and we know how much credibility it adds to your business – this is why we invest heavily in food consulting as a separate and independent service.

  • With 20 years (and counting) of working with hatted restaurants (the ultimate 5-star quality approval), hotels, cafes & pubs; you can agree that we definitely know what works. We have helped restaurants and food service businesses transform their menu and their profits by providing strategic guidance on best food ideas, methods, processes and practices.

We know that food is personal and we keep it personal by providing realistic solutions and actionable plans that are unique only to your business.

  • Menu Development

    We expertly identify culinary trends and mine customer feedback. We use these information – along with industry updates, market intelligence and business trends – to create healthy, safe and acceptable menu choices for the ultimate dining experience.

  • Menu Assessment

    We assess your menu to see how to upgrade existing menu and introduce new menu ideas. We also identify best integration methods and hell you manage menu upgrades and changes in a way that does not negatively affect your business (which can happen if your customers are unable to adapt to the change in food)

  • Menu Planning

    Proper menu planning can help you cut costs and save wastes. We help you; assess your monthly shopping needs, find best product options and alternatives, draw up meal plans and, show you how to utilize leftover ingredients in a cost-effective but healthy way.

  • Menu Costing

    Is your menu costing you more than necessary?
    Calculating food cost is essential to business survival and sustainability. With our help, you can know what your food costs are, factor in all other indirect costs (overheads, staffing, etc.) and use this information to set realistic and profitable menu pricing

Let us Transform Your Business with 20 Years of Sound Food Experience

Food Consulting is more than just the Menu………. We also provide:

  • Staff Training

    We design staff training programs based on business needs. Our programs cover all aspects of food production, food handling, food processing, food storage and food preservation. Our training programs provide full education so that staff members can perform effectively and optimally on the job. This minimizes health, business and brand reputation risks that can arise as a result of poor food practices.

  • Supplier Sourcing

    Bad products can affect food quality, texture, flavor and taste. This is why you need to find suppliers with the best raw and processed products. We have a network of trusted suppliers on call and we can provide reliable recommendations for clients whose businesses locations fall outside our supplier network.

  • Food Quality Control

    Our familiarity with quality control systems obtainable locally and internationally helps us developing quality control checks and assessments. Our processes help us identify workspace hazards as well as control points. We also provide appropriate quality control documentation and reporting to help food service businesses stay in line with locally accepted standards of food quality assurance

  • Food Safety Planning

    We develop food safety procedures and guidelines based on the HACCP Plan (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) to help food business owners stay out of trouble (and lawsuits!)

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